Air Force Engagement with Rae & Josh

What an amazing engagement shoot with Rae & Josh.  Of course as they are both in the Air Force, we had to have an iconic plane photo and thanks to Sanders Aeronautics in Ione we got it!

Our session started with some in studio portraits. I like to experiment with different lighting and poses and these two just nailed everything we shot.Air-Force-Engagement-American-Photo-by-Steven-Farrell-of-Farrell-PhotographyAir-Force-Engagement-American-Photo-by-Steven-Farrell-of-Farrell-Photography-2441bAir-Force-Engagement-American-Photo-by-Steven-Farrell-of-Farrell-Photography-2448aRight next to our studio is an auto repair shop that has an amazing old concrete wall…turned out a perfect backdrop for these images.Air-Force-Engagement-American-Photo-by-Steven-Farrell-of-Farrell-Photography-2516aAir-Force-Engagement-American-Falg-Photo-by-Steven-Farrell-of-Farrell-Photography
Amador  County has a ton of great outdoor options for wedding or engagement photos…..Air-Force-Engagement-American-Photo-by-Steven-Farrell-of-Farrell-Photography-2635Air-Force-Engagement-American-Photo-by-Steven-Farrell-of-Farrell-Photography-2688Air-Force-Engagement-American-Photo-by-Steven-Farrell-of-Farrell-Photography-2729Air-Force-Engagement-American-Photo-by-Steven-Farrell-of-Farrell-Photography-2791Air-Force-Engagement-American-Photo-by-Steven-Farrell-of-Farrell-Photography-2820

On the way to the Air Field we happened across the perfect railroad crossing at the perfect time of day for some high key images.Air-Force-Engagement-American-Photo-by-Steven-Farrell-of-Farrell-Photography-2927Air-Force-Engagement-American-Photo-by-Steven-Farrell-of-Farrell-Photography-2905At last we arrive at Eagles Nest Airfield near Ione  and Sanders Aeronautics was already positioning aircraft for the shoot.  They were so nice to stay after hours for the sunset shot…this would not have been possible without their assistance.Air-Force-Engagement-American-Photo-by-Steven-Farrell-of-Farrell-Photography-2968

Unfortunately we did not have time for me to hang from the wing mid flight so we shot these images from the ground!Air-Force-Engagement-American-Photo-by-Steven-Farrell-of-Farrell-Photography-2981Air-Force-Engagement-American-Photo-by-Steven-Farrell-of-Farrell-Photography-3002

This was the shot I had been anticipating all day…a romantic, fun, iconic photo at sunset with a P-51 war bird!  Sometimes I wish I could slow down time but the light disappears fast this time of day and you only get a few minutes to get it right.  This would not have been possible without the help from Jesse Farrell Photography, Sanders Aeronautics & my good friend Kris McCreery and his Drone Footage…thank you all!


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