Bridal Expo photo shoot at Vizcaya

We were asked to make promotional materials for the Bridal Expo at the Sunrise Mall in January 2012. Advertising is Steve’s specialty and he had some specific ideas for this photoshoot. He wanted to show a bride being able to find everything she was looking for, all in one place. We worked with Julia Markel to set up the shoot. The picture and flyer turned out just as Steve envisioned.

AFWPI Bridal Expo show promo

Model- Kayla Swift

Kayla model AFWPI Vizcaya

Makeup by Shaikh Beela

Hair by Dexe Thao, Photos taken at Vizcaya in Sacramento, Dress provided by Jennifer Baker Photo shoot organized by Julia Markel of AFWPI

Beela Dexie hair and make up Vizcaya AFWPI

We had a model, the dress, hair and makeup…let’s take more photos! The lighting in this room is incredible. Right outside the window was a beautiful fountain.

Kayla Swift black and white Vizcaya Sac

Kayla Swift wedding gown AFWPI Bridal Expo Vizcaya Sacramento

Kayla Swift black and white Vizcaya Sac

Kayla requested this dress and we can see why! It’s perfect on her. This beautiful pink gown would be perfect for a wedding with it’s miles of pink ruffles.

Kayla Swift pink gown ruffles Vizcaya Sac

AFWPI Bridal Expo photo shoot at Vizcaya in Sac black and white

Kayla AFWPI Bridal Expo pink wedding gown with ruffles at Vizcaya Sacramento

Kayla Swift in pink ruffled wedding gown at Vizcaya in Sacramento

AFWPI Bridal Expo photo shoot

Behind the scenes. The lovely and talented Tanya Therien posed as the photographer in the photo and she is the real thing! Beela and Dexe are wonderful to work with. They bring the BEAUTIFUL!

I snapped these pictures of Steve at work.

Steve-Farrell-the-photographer Steve Farrell the photographer

Here is the finished product after Steve’s graphical magic touch:


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