Camino Placerville wedding of Dusty & Whitney

It was the hottest day of the year for the “hottest couple”, Dusty and Whitney. <grins> This wedding was one great big party. With a country barn theme held at the Sierra Banquet Center in Camino. The elevation was the perfect (coooler) place to be on the hot day. The log house provided the country feel that suited the casual wedding theme. The picture below is the bride getting ready, her Grandma and Mom have one of those special moments. Note: this was not set up by Steve, it just happened and he caught it. I think that natural emotion is what makes the photo.








This photo of Dusty takes advantage of the natural light as he awaits the big moment.



It’s obvious how much in love they are!



The carriage is owned by the Groom’s mother and was decorated by friends. This wedding gave the feel of a true family wedding with everyone helping out.


No high heels for these girls! They danced the night away in cowboy (cowgirl?) boots!




We love the mixture of black and white with color. The lovely gardens are the perfect backdrop for the happy couple and the bridal party.


This wedding was a great big party that didn’t want to end. There was a lot of dancing and joy.





The venue is very thought out and has a festive vibe. Because it’s spread out, people can wander the gardens, dance on the dance floor or sit back and watch.


Dusty and Whitney began their honeymoon at the historic National Hotel in Jackson, Ca. Because it was on our way home, we stopped to take a picture of them in front of the National. Dusty, as an electrician, did a lot of work on the hotel. So, it was fitting to have this wonderful picture of them there. The picture has been featured in many magazines by the National Hotel.

If you would like to see more photos of this wedding with a mixture of live video of the event, we invite you to view our Dusty and Whitney wedding video. While this short video is under ten minutes, we gave the couple over and hour and a half of uncut video of their special day. It’s like reliving the entire day every time they watch it!

We met the couple a week later for an ” After the wedding ” photo shoot. It’s also commonly referred to as “ Trash the Dress “. The dress might get dirty, but it doesn’t have to! The best part of an After the Wedding – Trash the Dress shoot is that we have time to take photos of the happy couple without pressure. They are relaxed and it shows. Steve can take time to put together expert lighting and backgrounds that there usually isn’t a lot of time for at a wedding.


We love doing the After the Wedding photoshoot. It’s the perfect time to take artful photographs that really show off our couples. Some brides avoid the Trash the Dress session because they don’t want their beautiful dress to be ruined. That does NOT have to be the case. If a bride has the desire to preserve her dress, we will careful to protect it and still get awesome photos. On the other hand, if the bride DOES have the desire to do something crazy….we are up to that challenge too!




As the sun was setting, the magical lighting appeared.



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