Jackson Engagemento and Military photo shoot of Andrea and Brandon

We are truly honored each and every time we have the opportunity to photograph someone who is serving our country. We support all branches of the United States Military, Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. Recently we had the privilege to photograph engaged couple, Andrea and Brandon. The groom, Brandon, is stationed in Southern California at Twenty Nine Palms. He and his fiancee, Andrea were a delight to photograph. Steve chose to use a very large American flag as a backdrop for the happy couple.


IMG_0053-FarrellPhotography-Sacramento-Wedding-Photographer IMG_0170-FarrellPhotography-Sacramento-Wedding-PhotographerIMG_0020-FarrellPhotography-Sacramento-Wedding-Photographer IMG_0202-FarrellPhotography-Sacramento-Wedding-Photographer

Most women will agree that a man in uniform is a very romantic figure! Andrea surely thinks so. The love that they share is obvious!


We took the shoot to a second location. This beautiful setting was the perfect backdrop for Andrea and Brandon. It was heading toward dusk which gave off a soft lighting. Lots of trees, grass and a soft breeze added just the right touch.

IMG_0244-FarrellPhotography-Sacramento-Wedding-Photographer IMG_0236-FarrellPhotography-Sacramento-Wedding-Photographer IMG_0248-FarrellPhotography-Sacramento-Wedding-PhotographerIMG_0352-FarrellPhotography.net-Farrell-Photography-Sacramento-Wedding-Photographer


We finished the day by chasing the setting sun on a country road. The picturesque area included a barb wire fence, oak trees, grass and a vista view of the valley. As we were all set up for the perfect shot, a police car rolled up and asked what we were doing. We explained that we were taking engagement pictures. This road has virtually NO traffic on it. Right after the yellow line ends, it turns into a one lane country road. The Highway patrolman acted all serious and told us, because we have a Marine with us, we must by “all right“. He parked just down the road, and I was reminded of the many times I have seen that car “hiding” to catch speeders. I guess we found “his” secret spot!!

IMG_0302-FarrellPhotography_net-Sacramento-Wedding-Photographer IMG_0296-FarrellPhotography_net-Sacramento-Wedding-Photographer IMG_0282-FarrellPhotography_net-Sacramento-Wedding-Photographer IMG_0352-FarrellPhotography.net-Farrell-Photography-Sacramento-Wedding-Photographer

IMG_0353-FarrellPhotography_net-Sacramento-Wedding-Photographer IMG_0332-FarrellPhotography

Brandon and Andrea posed for one fabulous photo after another!

We could have gone on all night, but, alas, the sun did set and the shoot did end.


Footnote: Andrea shared one of these photos on her Intagram account and it was picked up by “strong military hearts” and shared with their huge following of military members, wives and families. Woo Hoo! The only sad part of this note is that Instagram crops photos in to squares and Steve’s watermark was cropped off of the picture. Bummer. We are working on the dilemma of where to put the watermark to preserve credit for our business and let people know where they can see more, and at the same time retain the artfulness of the photo. It’s a work in progress. Thanks again to Andrea and Brandon for being wonderful photography subjects!

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