Real Weddings magazine features Steve and Stephanie Farrell

We were honored that Real Wedding Magazine asked us to give some marriage advise and feature us in a photo!  Of course we said yes!

Stephanie: “I asked Steve to share ‘his’ marriage advice….he said that whatever “I” said would be fine.  Hmmmm.  I wanted to sound positive and happy about marriage, because that is how you feel when you are starting out.  It’s ALL good.  But, the truth is, thirty years is a long time and it’s never with out trials and struggle.  I hoped to share that in our quote without sounding like  a bummer.   Being married long term is awesome!  We know each other really well and we are comfortable.  We have so many shared memories!  We love to talk about the happy times in our lives.  We raised our kids and had our family time and now we have each other.  And….our doggies!  They are such a part of our lives, we wanted to share our photo with them.  We took our own photo (of course!) and I wish you could have seen the many retakes we had to go through to get one good photo!  The doggies didn’t always cooperate.  How could they understand that we wanted them to look at a camera that had no person behind it!  And, then there were the mosquitos…..  The photo turned out just the way we wanted, to show our country lifestyle.  The setting is on our property where we have lived for most of our marriage.  We both felt honored to share our thoughts about marriage.  When you find something great….you want everyone to have that thing too.  And, that’s how we feel about being married!  It’s also why we love our job so much.  We love being a part of  the beginning of what we know is an awesome life long journey that will bring so much comfort and joy to the happy couple.”

Steve:  “What she said.”  lol.


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