Sierra Mountain Photography Fall colors upcountry

We took a drive up the mountains to see the fall colors. They were spectacular.

farrell photography pine rock formation high sierra highway 88

This was taken ride beside the highway.

Bright yellow aspens high sierras farrell photographyfarrell photography yellow aspen leaves log

The colors were shockingly bright. It was an overcast day. Perfect for taking pictures.

farrell photography yellow aspen grove high sierras fall

pine tree yellow leaves high sierras fall farrell photographyfarrell photography yellow aspen leaves logfarrell photography yellow aspen grove pine trees

Steve took a picture of me taking a picture.

Stephanie Farrell fall Aspen leaves

Steve is always taking my picture. Now, it’s his turn. I took this picture of him.

Steven Farrell photographer yellow aspen grove high sierras fall

Stephanie Farrell West Fork Carson Creek farrell photography

By the time we got up to Sorenson’s it was getting pretty cold. And windy. We saw some light dusting of …..could it be snow? We decided to head down the hill.

Stephanie Farrell high sierras fall leaves cabin snow

You can’t pass by this cabin and not stop to take a picture. It’s probably one of the most photographed scenes anywhere. So, we stopped. And, it started to snow. The first snow of the season. Brrrrr.

We had a fun day and it was topped of with dinner at the Kirkwood Inn, a great place to eat! I heard that they are expecting a few inches of snow up there from this storm. That will be great for the ski resort. I hope you enjoyed our trip upcountry!

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