We Don’t Need Engagement Photos….Do We?

You have a great photo of yourselves that you like and you’ve already sent out your “Save the Date” cards, so why would you need engagement photos?
There are a few things that you can do to have the best possible wedding day photos. And, one of them is to have an engagement session with your wedding day photographer. Here’s why….
At Farrell Photography, Totally Cool, Edgy and Unique Engagement photos….it’s our “thing”. We like to find out all about our couples and create a fun photo session that truly captures their personalities. We LOVE to go crazy and create ART photography of YOU! This isn’t just a fun snapshot. It’s a full on experience!
We spend an afternoon together taking photos of you in different settings and outfits. We customize each session to match our couple. It’s a collaboration between YOU and us. And, it’s so much fun!!
After the session you will have AMAZING photos that are a slice of life where you are right now. Things will change and this moment and who you are will be saved forever.
And, now that we’ve spent this time together, we have bonded. On your wedding day, when we show up and start taking pictures, it’s natural and comfortable. We WILL get better photos because of this. It’s like old friends, not strangers. We KNOW you and you know us. It makes it easier for you to relax and let us capture your day. There is a complete TRUST factor that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. And, we know what makes you tick, so to speak, in a photography way. It’s even easier to capture you the way you want us to!
When we show up at a wedding, we are often asked if we are the ones who took your awesome engagement photos. Yep. That was us! Your guests already have a really good impression of what we are about. They are happy and excited to co-operate with us and help us to create amazing photos.
The process is natural. You will have a feel for what we are doing with our lighting and equipment. We will be able to instruct you both on posing techniques that will come in handy on your wedding day.
So, YES! You DO want engagement photos. We wouldn’t want you to miss out on some of the best photos you will ever have!
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