Wedding Photography, it’s as easy as A B C !

Remember the ABC’s of amazing wedding photography.

A: ALLOW FOR ENOUGH TIMEGrand-Island-Wedding-St-Rose-Catholic-Church-by-Steven-Farrell-Farrell-Photography-Sacramento-IMG_0387

Couples are often surprised at the limited amount of photo time available for just them on their wedding day.  Typically, one hour after the ceremony you are introduced to your reception.  If group photos take 30-45 minutes you are left with only a few minutes for just you!  Add the time it takes to walk to and from the best locations and those precious minutes can be cut in half.  If you are having a winter wedding, sunset Grand-Island-Wedding-St-Rose-Catholic-Church-by-Steven-Farrell-Farrell-Photography-Sacramento-IMG_0079could be as early as 4:30.  So What do you do?


We work with our brides and wedding planners to get all the shots you want…but you have to be prepared for hard truths.  Start by finding out when sunset on your wedding day is. This is typically when the light is perfect for those ‘Once in a Lifetime’ romantic images and well worth committing to 30 minutes of your wedding day.   In addition you could opt for a ‘First Look’ before the  guests arrive. The result is truly an emotional touching personal moment and the ability to add some artful shots not available to you after your ceremony. Check out the images below. We work with each couple individually to maximize their wedding photos based on their wishes.


Every wedding has creative and unique
photo opportunities.  If your photographer loves what they do, they will not only Grand-Island-Wedding-St-Rose-Catholic-Church-by-Steven-Farrell-Farrell-Photography-Sacramento-IMG_9789capture your moments as they happen but think ahead and take advantage of the surroundings all day long.  One example of this is our photo of the family Bible in this blog. We wanted soft light, and our only option was an industrial back alley.  By simply laying down a scarf on the concrete we were able to create an amazing art shot in beautiful light.

Another example in this blog about capturing the moment is when we stopped on our way to the Grand Island Mansion to take advantage of a levee road.  It was on our way to the mansion, so it only took a little thinking outside the box and a few minutes for one of our favorite shots of the day.

Hope this information will help with your wedding planning.
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